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by Sierra Eschrich

• PDF:Dance Magazine, "Bringing Back Impact"
By Kate O'Neil

Ms. Chavasse commanded the stage with the authority of a high priestess"
—Jack Anderson, The New York Times

Ms. Chavasse possesses a formidable technique and a talent for novel variations on standard modern
vocabularies…which underscore her long-limbed elegance and dynamic control

—Suzanne Levy, The Washington Post

Amy Chavasse, a big tall blonde, is a strong steady filament to throw off the dance's light
—The Boston Globe

Amy Chavasse's Hold Sway made not just a visual statement but one of feeling as she developed her striking image
—The Washington Post

In Gush (1992) spinning in from right space, unraveling herself from a mummy-like white wrap wound up and over her head, Chavasse seems to say gravity be damned. She's a gorgeous dancer and an emotional performer
—The News and Observer, Raleigh, NC

Amy Chavasse was a fierce female soloist who was partnered by four men as if she were one of the ballerinas in Balanchine's The Four Temperaments
—The San Diego Union

Amy Chavasse is a lush dancer and in Yellow Houses it was a pleasure to see her billow and unfurl her long line, whether balanced atop a stool or making contact with the floor. She crammed lots of bright ideas and diverse music (Beethoven and Johnny Mercer) into the two excerpts that she showed
—The Washington Post

Chavasse possesses an extraordinary technique and physical strength that belies her feline femininity
—The Washington Post

As a dancer she is on top of her craft, fully capable of expressing her intentions in motion. As a performer, she has that wonderful ability to draw audiences into the reality of the world she is creating. As a choreographer, she has a wide range
—Daniel Nagrin

Chavasse is an exceptionally powerful dancer who resists clichés in both movement and in the texts that often accompany her work
—The Independent, Raleigh, NC